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Has been involved in the graffiti art movement,and in muralist projects since 1992. A graduate of 'Vancouver Film School' for animation in 1996.

Concepts of interest in his work range from conventional 1970's-80's "graffiti style", to "graffiti futurist" themes,incorporating a broad mix of underground "street cartoon" affiliation,and personalized based lettering forms.

Influence of advertising graphics/signage,comic books,cartoons,videogames,and 80's skate/surf graphics from his early teens also play a large role in his works.

These are all elements that have become known to frequent his murals,art and design,but has always strived to keep it fresh,to expand by being innovative, and continuing to experiment with new ideas,as well various mediums.

Corporate mural/design based work clients include such brands as Nike,Adidas,Stussy,Puma,Givenchy,and RedBull,as well numerous other industry project commissions.

In 2009 he started publishing a personal street zine photo project called 'N.O.Y.F.B.' ,and does designing work within the fashion,and garment industry for clothing labels R.T.T.C.,and DAMAGE.

He currently lives, and works throughout "Asia" as a freelance graphic designer,and muralist.